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E-Transit Cargo Solutions

Get the Most Out of Your Ford E-Transit

With the release of the 2022 All-Electric Ford Transit, there is a lot of excitement surrounding new opportunities for customers to hit sustainability initiatives and reduce costs for their bottom line by making the switch to electric vehicles.

Understanding your business, the tools/consumables in your vehicle and how your fleet operates is more critical in your business' success than ever before.

Why fleet managers switching to E-Transit need a cargo management solution to avoid battery range headaches.

From reduced fuel and maintenance costs to lower total cost of ownership and employee retention it’s easy to understand the excitement about this new generation of EVs. But as a fleet manager, you may still have lingering questions about how your fleet may be affected in other areas by switching to the E-Transit and we are here to help.

  • What factors affect battery range?
  • How can I maximize battery range?
  • Will my technicians be limited on what they can carry in their vans?
  • How will upfitting change?
  • What products will be available for my E-Transit?

Why understanding what your technicians carry in their vehicles is more critical than ever.

How far can your vehicle go when it’s fully loaded with the parts and equipment you need for a long day of work? Cutting fuel and maintenance costs won’t benefit you if you end up spending more time recharging your Ford E-Transit than working.

In order to extend your battery range, it is critical to understand the cargo your fleet needs to be successful in completing their jobs effectively.

If a driver is hauling excess or unnecessary cargo the payload in the vehicle is increased, thus, reducing the potential maximum capacity of the battery range.

This issue will affect the range of the vehicle exponentially in regions that experience extreme weather conditions, frequent incline/decline driving or gusty weather conditions.

Advanced Work Vans Cargo Solutions for E-Transit Vehicles & Fleets

Advanced Work Vans understands these challenges and can work with you to look at the biggest factors affecting your electric vehicle's battery range: Payload, Wind Resistance, Climate/Weather, and Terrain.

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