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Work Vans and Work Trucks for Municipality Services


As a worker for a municipality, you may take care of roads, buildings, or any other number of things. Since there are so many different jobs involved, a one-type-fits-all work van or truck isn’t going to be sufficient. Instead, you need custom work van upfit solutions that meet the unique demands of each job.

Advanced Work Vans is the leader in custom work van and truck upfit installations, and our personalized solutions provide improved safety and efficiency for your workers.

Work Van and Truck Upfit Solutions

Your vehicle does more than get you from point A to point B; it also serves as a mobile office, supply cabinet, workshop, and more. Our work van and truck upfit services make the most of the space in the vehicle and provide all the storage and other features you need.

Custom Municipality Worker Solutions

A one-size-fits-all upfit just doesn't work for everyone. Municipality workers drive a variety of vehicles and handle many different types of jobs. Every worker needs work truck upfit that meets the demands of their specific job. Here is what you can expect when choosing Advanced Work Vans Custom Municipality Services:

  • Municipal Contract Experience: Florida municipalities can utilize our services through any of the statewide purchasing contracts by simply requesting us via contract dealer. All at competitive contract pricing.
  • Speed: We respond fast and get you back out on the road quickly to eliminate unnecessary downtime.
  • Customer Service: Our professionals assist you and your business better than anyone in the industry.
  • Return On Investment: We offer custom upfit solutions designed around you and your municipality, with products & solutions that will make you more safer & more productive every single day.

Your Vehicle, Your Way

Advanced Work Vans provides custom municipality worker solutions—and this small investment is well worth the added safety and enhanced productivity. Getting started is easy, and the entire process is fast and convenient.

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The benefits of custom work vans are obvious, so there is no reason to put it off. Give your workers everything they need to get their jobs done efficiently. Call Advanced Work Vans today or fill out our online contact form now to request a free consultation with an upfit specialist.